Wendy Tefft Social Service Fund

The Wendy Tefft Social Service Fund provides Seacoast Science Center memberships to social service agencies in the region, giving the agencies’ clients the ability to visit the Center free of charge. Established in memory of Wendy Tefft, a beloved Goffstown kindergarten teacher and mother, the fund provides access for those otherwise unable to afford admission to the Center.

According to Elaine Tefft, Wendy’s mother-in-law, “The Seacoast Science Center was a favorite destination of Wendy’s and her son. There is no place more fitting to keep Wendy’s passion for the ocean and education alive. Wendy Tefft is remembered by her kindness and her love and dedication to her family. She enjoyed actively engaging in nature and held a high value for hands-on education."

Elaine Tefft is matching all donations–dollar for dollar up to $1,500–made to the Wendy Tefft Social Service Fund, so your donation will be doubled!

You can honor Wendy Tefft and her love of education by donating any amount to the fund.


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Your gift will be used to provide memberships to local social service agencies. These memberships allowing free access to the Seacoast Science Center for children and parents in need; giving them access to fun and engaging nature-based programming.

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NOTE: Please only click the 'SUBMIT' button once. Your payment may take time to process.
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